Paper Towel Facts and History

Published: 22nd August 2011
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Below are a list of informative paper towel information and facts not to mention a background of this product and the relevance of the paper napkin to the worldwide paper and forestry market.

Paper towels were invented by Arthur Scott (from the Scott Paper Company) who promoted them as throw away paper towels. He later on invented the kitchen area paper towel in 1931.

Paper towels are generally 2nd only to lavatory paper in relation to actual usage. Around two-thirds of paper towel usage occurs in the home and the remaining one-third of paper towel usage is away from home which can include consumers using the items while outside the house as well as in public toilets, etc.

Paper towel rolls usually sell in two ply and are categorised by their strength, absorbancy, weight, thickness and coloration and pattern if any.

While the designed paper rolls with diamond shapes or circles have got a attractive esthetic look and grow gross sales of the products, the designs actually helps to improve the absorbancy liquid-retention the towels too.

There's been a movement away from flattened paper napkins to towel roll dispensers which has helped to decrease paper towel use. Touchless motion sensing paper towel dispensers have really helped to further lower paper use. Paper towel coupons are one way that manufacturers attempt to increase sales by giving customers incentives to save money on their products.

The North American (US and Canadian) paper towel marketplace has actually increased largely due to the arrival of revolutionary solutions as well as new advertising initiatives.

The kitchen towel segment has seen an individual focus in product development together with new colors, designs, packaging and accelerated absorbability making these products more appealing to customers as companies attempt to differentiate their goods from their competitors.

To give a feeling for the waste that paper towels produce, the EcoConsumer Waste Calculator given by King Country, WA demonstrates that if every single citizen in Washington state made use of merely 1 paper towel per day, it would generate 134,312 tons of waste products just in Washington State on its own that is enough to pack 1,685 747s jumbo jets.

Depending upon where you live as well as your local recycling providers, used paper towels can be recycled through green bin programs that help to minimize landfill waste materials by converting organic matter like household garbage into garden compost.

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